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Tina M Thomas


Tina is a personal Life Coach and Clairvoyant Consultant who propels her clients through the stages of self-discovery to succeed in ways that they would have never imagined possible. She assists them to greater personal heights in an easy and comprehensive manner, so they can apply new skills practically and efficiently. As your coach, Tina will find customized solutions to meet your specific goal sets, and you will find success easier to achieve and the rewards more fruitful.



Learn how to create change and evolve yourself, while positively affecting all aspects of your life.  

Change is meant to be a natural state of being and a few well placed changes can bring the things that you want directly into your life.  It's easier than you think!‍‍‍


Develop an actionable plan to achieve your goals by taking responsibility for your perception on life.


Learn the tools that can create big shifts, so you can experience real results fast, and above all, start living an easier life that you will love!


Create a new found vitality, confidence and skill set, that will fuel the social, personal and professional elements of your life, in a completely invigorated and powerful way.  


Be in control of your experience and see your whole life as successful!

"To say it was a profound experience does not even begin to do it justice."
- Darrell Hails

Raise your frequency

Meditations from Source with Tina M Thomas

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"Life is a blank slate, what matters most is what you write on it."

— Christine ‍‍‍Frankland

Everyone can put something on that slate but not everyone is a poet or author and may need help to have their life slate engraved with a profound and meaningful life story.

MindShift Healing is focused on shifting how you perceive your life on a daily basis and releasing what inhibits you from experiencing your highest potentials. This leaves you open to receive new manifestations and gives you the ability to write a profound new reality on your "slate of life".

"When we first met I was a mess, overwhelmed, chaotic, not sure what direction to head in, and really not accomplishing anything well. Looking back I was so stuck and overwhelmed ,I don’t even recognize myself. Look at me now. I have a fully operational business that is growing and expanding within less than a year. So exciting. I have let go of so many things that were holding me back and replaced my fears with confidence and grace. I am not overwhelmed with emotion any longer, I am strong powerful and ready to take my next steps to becoming the greatest me. You are truly one of the most amazing people I have ever met! Run, Run, Run to Tina Thomas and work with her, your life will be the most amazing evidence you will ever need. Love you." - Wendy K

"Tina is very knowledgeable about what she does. She is very profession‍‍‍al and makes sure that she understands exactly what you need and delivers it. If she feels that another action is needed she will let you know so that you get the best results. I have a very high respect for her integrity and her work." - Judy Freisen

"I never cease to be amazed by the results as I work with Tina. With acute accuracy and the highest professional abilities, she zeros in on the issues at hand, exceeding my expectations every time." - Diane D

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