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"Shift into a Life You Love"

Find that new sense of freedom, feel lighter, gain a new confidence boost, and become more excited about all the wonderful possibilities!


Tin‍‍‍a M. Thomas


Life Coach and Clairvoyant Consultant.

Tina started working as a personal consultant over twenty years ago in the city of Oakville, Ontario, Canada. She had been working on a very unique and at the same time very logical way to deliver solutions to her clients needs, with the use of many different modalities, that included but were not limited to: Meditation, Faster EFT, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch and Quantum Physics, as well as honing her clairvoyant abilities to an even higher degree of accuracy by way of Mediumship, Channeling higher energies and believe it or not, through blind folded archery!

As the years passed Tina explored a more holistic approach and combined several of the techniques she had been studying. The discovery was that by using multiple methods concurrently with her clients and customizing those methods to each need, the requirement for return visits decreased due to the success of her clients goals increasing, dramatically.

Tina quantifies her success by simply measuring the shear number of people that respond to her efforts with a genuine sense of astonishment, glowing positivity and gratitude. If you are interested in creating a shift or evoking a milestone of any type, then set up a free 30 minute strategy session call, so Tina can show you how easy it is to achieve your goals.

“I love what I do. I get to help people move themselves into a great place in their mind, where they see themselves not only in a better light, but they also get to have the kind of life that they really want to be living. Take a moment to think about that. What would that mean? To be who you really want to be without fear or hesitation and have everything that comes along with that perception. Success, happiness, love, adventure, peace. An easier life. A life you love. This work is for those who are ready for that kind of shift.  If you want this, then let's do it. It's time.”

– Tina M. Thomas

"Life coaching is your opportunity to take your life from good to great!"


Francine program client

Francine Lewak

Mississauga, Ontario


Hi Tina:  You have been a Godsend for me. We have been interacting for a few years now and without you I sincerely do not believe I would have reached the level of growth I needed to achieve.You always have the right insight, always the right words to clarify a situation, always patient and truthful and also always with a smile.

The "Blueprint for Better Living" is the icing on the cake. At the beginning, I was unsure I had made the right decision but, within the first hour, all doubts vanished. By the end of that first day I felt the internal peace, joy and happiness I so desperately wanted. Three weeks later, this internal peace and joy is still with me, and growing.  The introspection that occurs through the exercises and discussions have given me the tools to continue the transformation for as long as I want to.

Words cannot express how grateful I am that our paths have crossed and for the tremendous effort on your part for creating this program. Thank you Tina for sending me the invitation.

Love you.

Linda Client with ongoing support calls

Linda Wentz

Alexandria, Virgina,

United States

Tina has been a tremendous help and emotional support. I've been going through big relationship life decisions. Before when I have gone through something big like this, I had felt lost, depressed and unsure.

With the work that I have done with Tina I feel at peace and confident in myself. It hasn't been easy and it's work that has to be done from within but Tina has been patient and her guided tapping has been extremely effective. I've done other therapies and have friends that have been nice but nothing has helped me quite like Tina.

I'm very grateful to have had such a wonderful presence during this difficult time and to know I can come back when needed or just to check in.

With love,





‍‍‍It's a free call so what are you waiting for?

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