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Click below for more information on Tina's programs and services


  • Free Strategy Sessions
  • Ancient Ascension Codes
  • Clairvoyant Consultations
  • Remote Sessions
  • Coaching Calls
  • Blueprint To Better Living

Free Strategy Sessions

This is a great starting point to experience what it is like to work with Tina M.Thomas. The session is used to identify the things that are holding you back from achieving your goals and providing a way for you to get beyond them. This will allow you to see how Tina works and to create trust between you with absolutely no risk, no credit card and no cost to you, just the possibility of great things to come. 

If you suffer from...

  • Anxiety

  • Stress

  • Lack of restful sleep

  • A broken spirit

  • Or just feeling stuck


...then choosing to get started with Tina is perfect so you can get moving again with a renewed sense of direction, confidence, inspiration and a joy for life that is infectious.

Strategy Sessions are free and designed to help you understand your goals and path in life with more clarity. Tina will provide advice and guidance on the next steps to take in achieving a life you love.

Coaching Calls

Coaching calls are one-on-one confidential sessions that explore deep-rooted belief structures, patterns and perceived realities. Working through each discovery Tina uses select modalities that apply directly to your specific needs that will obtain the highest level of results. 

You can expect to walk away with a stronger problem-solving skill set and better-coping mechanisms that can be applied to almost any situation in your life. Imagine being able to choose different responses to any situation, with better judgment, more logic, and ultimately a more positive result. 

These sessions often run over her minimum bookable time frame of 1 hour but offer an introduction into MindShift Healing with a low upfront commitment. Clients often dive into her BBL program after seeing the results of just two or three of these sessions.

Remote Sessions

Individual Remote Sessions


These are long-distance sessions that are done outside the physical presence of the individual, addressing issues in the emotional, mental and or physical bodies. Clients can request this work to be done on behalf of another, such as requesting a remote session for a child, spouse or someone with an illness. Remote Sessions offer the participant the opportunity to release negativity, emotional issues and traumas. Changes in perception, response and awareness are often noticeable. If desired, feedback is given.


Group Remote Sessions


Sessions are performed in a group remotely (without physical presence) and offer the opportunity to experience change on one particular issue or problem. Feedback is not given and the cost is much less than the Individual Remote Sessions.


This type of session is wonderful for 'chipping away' at an issue. It is better to do work often, to keep people in the higher frequencies so they can get used to the new energy and it then becomes their new 'normal' way of being.


*Animals can be included in either remote session. Animals are great for remotes because they don't exist in duality (as people do), they are very direct and can handle the work well. Even with complex issues, they can heal quickly.



Surrogate Sessions


Surrogate sessions are sessions performed through one person for somebody else. The love one has for another is the basis for offering yourself to be used as a surrogate, so that the one you care about can receive the healing they need. These sessions are done with great respect for both individuals because of the desire to offer oneself in aid of another. As a result, BOTH people receive benefits, not simply the person who the session is intended for.


These sessions are particularly good for:

- infirmed people or who have physical issues

- complex or acute situations that require a gentler approach

- for someone who needs assistance but can't/wouldn't instigate it for themselves

- people who are not related to you


* The frequency of the surrogate has to be high enough to hold the frequency for the other person. Therefore, the surrogate will require a session to raise their frequency for this particular process.


* Because of the complexity of this kind of session, often more than one session is required. You can do more in a shorter time (more efficient) compared to doing several remote sessions.




Please inquire to find out if this is the right session for you.

Blueprint For Better Living

Level 1


This is a 4 Week Quick Start Program where you will easily learn efficient tools to begin changing your life. As you gain greater awareness week after week, you will discover several key components that have been influencing your experiences and reality, in a variety of ways. Making use of these tools on a daily basis, will reflect positive change.


3 Month Intensive


In this 90 Day Program‍‍‍, raising your frequency of energy will be an automatic result, as you learn skills to manifest and attract the right opportunities. You will release blocks and old beliefs preventing you from attaining your goals and living the life you truly desire. The client’s challenges are established in greater depth, and by using different modalities (Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Tapping, Energy Work, and Quantum Physics), we will optimize the connections in your neural net to resonate with your highest and best good. These changes are immediate and evident.


Better Living Program Advanced


Completing the 3 Month Intensive is a prerequisite to taking part in the Advanced Program.

For more information on these full-featured courses

schedule a 30-minute strategy session with

Tina M Thomas by clicking on the button below

Clairvoyant Consultations​

Clairvoyant Consultations can be used for information gathering, as a refresher to a program already taken or for isolating a new starting point for a new goal.


In some cases, this is all you need to solve an immediate problem, giving you a little breathing room to regroup and plan what you will do next.

Calls can be recorded and sent to you in an email for future listening.

Ancient Ascension Codes

MindShift Healing's newest service - Ancient Ascension Codes, will change your future but also your past. By eradicating negative influencers that restrict you from reaching your highest potential, the door to rewriting your “slate of life” opens up once more.

Through the ages, our DNA has become imprinted with limitations such as fear, trauma, disease, judgment, that have been repeated lifetime after lifetime, compounding the effect of these imprints on us and our lives.

Today, there is a growing movement to clear our DNA, to remove imprints we have not been aware exist, yet they hinder us from accepting knowing that we are Source.  

Each cleansing and clearing action is a process.  You may feel your hands tingle, or have the feeling energy is coursing through you and other physical sensations are common.  As your DNA changes, evidence can often be noted in your eyes as the colour may lighten and your eyes look clearer and brighter. 


When we take on the task to elevate the resonance of our DNA to the highest possible level, which is what it was originally, we are committing to reclaiming our magnificence in a very powerful way that has been hidden from us through centuries of secretive sacred knowledge that only a few had access to.

The Codes raise your frequency creating a new 'playing field' to operate from and are a true 'game-changer'.  MindShift Healing offers the opportunity to eradicate these limiting patterns so you can move past what has held you back for so long.  Are you ready for more? 

For more information please schedule a free strategy session or book an appointment to experience Ancient Ascension Codes at the introductory price of just $289. (First appointment new clients only)


- Anonymou‍‍‍s

St.‍‍‍ Thomas, Ontario

‍‍‍Tina was a pleasure to work with and made it easy to participate in some very difficult conversations‍‍‍. She is easily trusted and can be relied upon to assist.


Bordeaux, France

‍‍‍- O.T.

New Tecumseth, Ontario

I would recommend her services to anyone who's in nee‍‍‍d of g‍‍‍uidance. She has been my teacher and mentor, and will help to improve the outlook of any situation you're facing.

Thanks to Tina’s 'MindShift Healing', one will surely get to experience their own “Mind Shift Moment(s)”, which are some of the most groundbreaking, uplifting, and enlightening breakthroughs throughout ones healing journey.


As author, Clarissa Pinkola Estés says in her book, 'Women Who Run With The Wolves',

"Is it one of the purest miracles of the psyche that when we are so defenceless help comes, and right on time. The vulnerable maiden is visited by an emissary from the soul, the spirit in white. This spirit in white removes the barriers to her being nourished." (1992, p. 447)

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